Lady Macbeth: Insanity In Shakespeare's Macbeth

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Insanity in MacBeth Insanity is seen everywhere. It is seen in life and even books and plays like MacBeth. MacBeth is play written by William Shakespeare based in Scotland about a man named MacBeth who wants to become King and will do anything to become it. His wife Lady MacBeth and himself become so obsessed with they go insane in their own ways about it. Although they both go insane they differ in that MacBeth goes insane over his desire of being and what he does as King while Lady MacBeth goes mentally insane and how much she wants her husband to be king. MacBeth desire and greed to become king is what makes him go insane. With his wife telling him things about being king and becoming, it makes him think that he has do anything possible …show more content…

She shows her first bit of insanity when she says, “Had he not resembled my father as he slept, I had done’t” (2.2.13). Lady MacBeth was so willing to kill Duncan for her husband to become king. Her insanity continues affects her so bad that she says, “...all the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten this little hand” (5.1.39). She has so much bad and kept it in that nothing can fix her causing her to go mentally insane. After the killing of Duncan is when Lady MacBeth mental insanity starts. We first see it when the gentle woman says, “Why, it stood by her. She has light by her continually. ’Tis hercommand” (5.1.17). She has to have a light next to her all the time because all of the things her husband and her have done. She also starts to wash her hands all the time because of all the killings she and her husband have done. Lady MacBeth’s mental insanity gets so bad that it kills her. Although MacBeth and Lady MacBeth’s insanities aren't the same it still affected them in some ways. Without the insanity in the characters, the play wouldn't have been completed. Their insanity helped make the play interesting and enjoyable to read what would happen next. Insanity is in everyone and will always will be. It can be anything from something small to something big. MacBeth and Lady MacBeth are to examples of what can happen if you deal with it the wrong

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