Lady Macbeth Who's To Blame

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Macbeth is one of William Shakespeare’s iconic tragedies, a story where no one truly wins. Although the rise and fall of a tyrannical ruler who massacred to achieve his rank is disastrous enough, the true tragedy is the story of Lady Macbeth. A strong woman forced into a pit of self-loathing by a misogynistic society, who then is mercilessly blamed for the actions of her husband, who hid his cruelty behind cowardice. A woman who was so desperate for relief from her own inner agony, that she was blinded to Macbeth’s clever rouse. A rouse no one else ever saw through, yet Lady Macbeth bears the brunt of the blame. Women have been being blamed for the actions of men for far too long, stories of witches casting spells on a passerby, seductresses

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