Larry Marquardt's Death: A Case Study

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Many people around the globe suffer from mental illness. While some if not most know this and are medicated and living appropriately, some are unaware, or refuse to take medication. Some of the horrific crimes we hear and see are committed by those who are being hurt by their own beings, and can not control themselves or even understand what is happening. These crimes are often ruled guilty by insanity, and the perpetrator is sent to a mental institution. Though it is rare to get this ruling, it does happen. In November of 2012, a schizophrenic man named Larry Marquardt attempted to murder his 91-year-old mother. The family was aware of Marquardt’s illness, and he was being medicated. When Marquardt arrived to his mothers house unannounced, she knew something was wrong. Marquardt’s mother, Verda, claimed she even thought he was acting strangely and asked her daughter to come over and be with her while he was there. Though Marquardt didn’t eat dinner, Verda still continued her nightly routine. That was until she was smashed into …show more content…

Marquardt refused to up the dosage, saying it wasn’t in the plea deal. Unfortunately, the psychiatrist also agreed that without more dosage Marquardt would not improve. Marquardt filed an appeal and it was granted in May of 2015. After interviewing both the witnesses and the psychiatrists, and Marquardt they agreed not to up the dosage. For upping the dosage could cause bodily hard, and the current dosage was working to keep him saner, and keep the voices out of his head. Though he wasn’t completely fixed, he was better and functioning safely. On these grounds, there was no reason to add more dosage. From here, the case is considered able to change. Should something change in Marquardt, so could the dosage. Whether that means adding more medication, changing a medication or lowering the dose of one. For now, Marquardt won his

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