Leonardo Da Vinci Research Paper

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Leonardo was the first to explain why the sky is blue.
He put his early childhood fact in his notebook.
Lived to 1452-1519. He was a machine for flying.
He did not go to school.
He did not have a wife or kids or wife.
He had 12 other siblings.
He was born in italy.
He made over 13,000 note and pitchers in his notebook.
His notebook was full of inventions.
He built a tank out of wood.
He drew war machine in his notebook.
When Leonardo Da Vinci died the age 67.
Leonardo was a painter, and a inventor.
Leonardo painted the Mona Lisa.
He was instantly connected to painting.
Leonardo's father married four women.
His childhood he received, mathematic, geometry, and Latin.
Leonardo was only 14 year old when he found painting.
He lived

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