Letter From Birmingham Jail Response

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My Personal Response to the Letter from Birmingham Jail A letter excoriating Dr. King and praising the city’s prejudiced police force was issued by a group of Clergymen. While currently in jail at Birmingham as a victim of racism King addresses everybody with intend to bring injustice and aim to stop it for the good of all mankind. Dr. King wrote “Letter from Birmingham Jail” a focus on ethic discrimination as a response to follow clergy men. Dr. King compared Socrates as an important thinker which he created tension to inspire mankind to grow with this current tension that everybody is facing but, encourages nonviolence. He is also ultimately calling all white moderates liars or worse ignorant of themselves while at this time, directing the problem to the Clergymen and encouraging them not only to praise …show more content…

As King explains how Socrates created tension to increase the knowledge for mankind, I find myself thinking on today’s society. Unfortunately, World tension is currently on an increase resulting with violence as an answer to the problem. Dr. King created “tension” to voice this matter of injustice but nonviolently. His motivate to bring peace and brotherhood to all races, color, and culture was an uphill battle but nevertheless, he was optimistic of the future. In conclusion, Dr. King’s letter brought to me strong emotions of compassion to everybody facing life’s challenges. It also encourages readers to treat others with respect and not to bow down to violence. This letter was beautifully well put and marvelous to

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