Lies In Of Mice And Men

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The American Dream, the big goal in life, something people yearn for; a perfect house, family, and life, well, it 's a lie, no person can have this because there will always be a problem, whether it be bills or a family member dying, something is always wrong. The American dream was created to give people hope in a hopeless world. The book Of Mice and Men really proves this, the character Lennie, he has a mental handicap and has to be taken care of, the author makes sure that he could never have this dream. Lennie and George, the man who has grown up with Lennie and takes care of him, have dreamt of owning a farm and having rabbits amongst other wildlife. Because George has to take care of Lennie he cannot have this dream, people with responsibilities …show more content…

“He shook her, and her was angry with her. ‘Don’t go yelling.’ he said, and he shook her; and her body flopped like a fish. And was still, for Lennie had broken her neck. (91) Lennie, he was left alone for a little while and he ends up killing someone, George was outside playing horseshoes trying to enjoy life. Or how about the old man on the farm? Candy, the American dream can’t work for a old and injured man. Candy had lost his hand while working, he didn 't have a wife, he only had his very old dog, which in the book was used as a metaphor. “You seen what they did to my dog tonight? They says he wasn 't no good to himself no nobody else. When they can me I wish someone shoot me.” (60)
Candy refers to himself in a metaphor when talking about his dog. “‘ Well - hell! I had him so long. Had him since he was a pup. I herded sheep with him’ he said proudly, ‘You wouldn 't think it to look at him now, but he was the best damn sheep dog i ever seen.” (44) He knows now he is a weak man, like his dog, and when he was younger they both were great workers, but now they are both old and broken. Unlike the guys taking care of his dog with candy, they just shoot the dog and Candy fears when he can 't work and no one will take care of him.
Most of the people in Of Mice and men will never get the American dream, almost no one does. Lennie, George, Candy, they are have suffered, but they always have the hope of

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