Light And Darkness In Macbeth

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Shakespeare Often Employs the Imagery of Darkness throughout Macbeth Introduction In this paper, the use of imagery is described as it is used in the poem Macbeth by Shakespeare. In the poem, darkness has been more associated with evil to the extent of the deception. In the modern society, darkness tends to be the key characteristic of evil. William Shakespeare, therefore, employs the use of imagery in his poem to depict darkness as evil. The author uses numerous darkness images in the poem as well as night images. In addition to this, he also indicates some of the sinister deals that are usually performed in places where there is darkness or at night. All this imagery is seen throughout the poem starting from the Act 1. To begin with, the popular play Macbeth reinforces the imagery of the good and bad in the world. For instance, some characters who are considered to be righteous are associated with light. For instance, Malcolm, Duncan and Macduff are portrayed as righteous, and their deeds are performed in light or during the day. The imagery on darkness is associated with the characters that are deemed as evil including Macbeth, Lady Macbeth and the witches. Shakespeare chooses to use this light and darkness imagery to indicate the degree of goodness and badness of the characters. This study, therefore, shows more instances of imagery of light and darkness as used in the poem. This tragedy play by Shakespeare is used to show the battle between the good and evil. Most of

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