Literary Analysis Of Gabriel Garcia Marquez's 'One Of These Days'

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Gabriel Garcia Marquez is a famous magical realist writer whose stories focus mainly on Latin America. His writing contains the main elements of the real and unreal, and simplicity and complexity. Throughout his writing, he focuses many themes and components on the “outsized reality” of Latin American life. Marquez often relates to events that occured during that time. For example, his stories usually contain some form of a dictator who is a harsh ruler that takes advantage of his or her power. Marquez’s uses his stories as a literary expression of the outsized reality of Latin American life through political violence. “One of These Days” is a short story that Marquez wrote during his writing days. In this plot, the reality of the how…show more content…
Marquez explains how the country has extreme levels of corruption due to anarchy and savagery. The story also leads into how the nation’s dictator who lead a tyrannical government under an absolute power until his death came. The ruler is seen as a self centered man who focuses on his personal desires such as women, love, and fear of loneliness. The dictator comes to the conclusion that: “he himself is the government” and that no one will get in the way of his rule. Marquez uses these many aspects of the dictator the express the outcome of the life in Latin America under an absolute power. However, the actions that the dictator commits here creates violence from his people who are not happy with how he rules. The story also says that after the dictator’s lonely death, no one misses him. Moreover the reality here is that the dictators in Latin America are selfish and greedy which create political violence within the nation, and Marquez applies these aspects in his writing to express this

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