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The Roles of Women in Beowulf Throughout the history of literature, female characters are often side characters that do not get much recognition from readers. It is a known fact that women are underestimated in Beowulf . When we look at the poem, more it is emphasized the bravery of Beowulf and how to struggle with Grendel. In my opinion, as well as male characters, women characters should be in the forefront in Beowulf. When we examine the roles of women in poetry by a closer, we can see that the women play in central roles in Anglo-Saxon society. The women that appear in Beowulf are: Wealhtheow, Hygd, Hilderburh, Freawaru, Thyrth and Grendel’s mother. There are two queens among them, Wealhtheow and …show more content…

This act of gift giving established reciprocity, an important mutual exchange between the giver and the receiver, and play an essential part in dynastic succession. At the end of the speech, her final words reflect self-assurance and confidence, and illustrate her power over people and her right to command them: “ the noble men, having drunk, will do as I ask “ (1230-31) Finally, we find the monster-like women in the poem namely Grendel’s mother. Grendel’s mother is monstrous in that she is all the opposite to peacewaver and hostesses: Grendel’s mother can be considered violent and cruel because she rather make use of weapons and her physical strength rather than using words or marriage to influence other people , just like Wealtheow . Grendel’s mother is another example of powerful woman. She’s independent, as she lives her house alone and protects it herself. She confront’s Beowulf on her own to take revenge for Grendel’s death. On the contrary, the poet is generally enthusiastic about Beowulf’s feats, but he often surrounds the events he narrates with a sense of dom. Male characters are dominant.Women only appear as a figure. However, when we look at their roles in poem, it is clear that women are important and they should be

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