Beowulf: The Role Of Women In Literature

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Beowulf is an excellent piece with a lot for the readers to desire and relate to while reading. This analysis explores different escapades while examining the role of women in the literature. One thing to point out is that female characters have always received very thin attention in different pieces of literature, something that has always made many people think that their role is meager. Every piece of literature has an important message to pass across to its intended audiences. Indeed, this study seeks to demystify the male-centric mindset to promote the visibility of women in the contemporary interpretation of literary works demonstrating that women play a greater role in the literature despite the proximity given to male protagonist. There are significant women who play integral parts in Beowulf. This study gives attention to Hildeburh as a woman of value. In fact, her values are not only limited to the explicates in the piece of literature, but can be related to the Anglo-Saxon society at …show more content…

Maybe the author might not intend to, but the readers engulfed with the male-centered mindset might omit the position of women. It is worth demystifying the thought that women should only be visible to men. They have a fundamental role to play in the pieces of literature that we interact with and the society as a whole. Just as pointed out in this study, the society cannot succeed without the input of women, even if they are not seen in the forefront. Even though it would appear that Hildeburh did not succeed in the role she was intended to perform, the way she manages herself in the whole process is of great significance. She is a great woman in the pursuit of peace between the two communities that had a long standoff. She performs a multifaceted function as a queen and a princess, which makes her an important woman in the

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