Noble Birth Of Beowulf

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Focusing the reader’s attention on the great epic poem Beowulf, an unknown author, introduces the image of the tremendous Anglos-Saxon epic hero,Beowulf. Attributed with the 7 main characteristics that make him competent to fit in such category, for the purpose of bringing to their literature a mythical figure, destroying supernatural foes, with the craving of justice and honor for his own culture. Noble birthed, capable of deeds of great strength and courage, a great warrior, Beowulf, travels over a vast setting, being recognized as a hero, keeping his humility, in a story where this incredible character confronts every supernatural adversary, to defend his kingdom. So, to be worthy of this title, Beowulf along the poem has to show the different characteristics. Noble Birth is one of this characteristics. Gives to the hero a sense of power to be recognized in his nation or kingdom. With Beowulf recognized by the people of his nation, the reader has the ability to connect another characteristic of an epic hero, Humility , therefore, all the looks from the people would convert this hero. An example of honor, dignity, power, and especially humility should be important. Morality is implanted on Beowulf from his childhood. In …show more content…

On page 52, as the “mighty protector of man”, Beowulf is seen to be a legend who would protect his nation from any crisis, accompanied by the quote on page 46, “ the strongest of the Geats -greater and stronger than anyone anywhere in this world “, the narrator described Beowulf as a man who has Super Natural strength , letting him accomplished different assignments that any other human could not complete, consequently,These three characteristics of an epic hero are related in some way, for the purpose of create a mythical figure, battling and defeating supernatural

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