Loneliness In Catcher In The Rye

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People experience life in a plethora of different ways. Loneliness and isolationism are main causes of depression; moreover, there are many stories that show the tragic effects of loneliness. For example, Holden’s story resembles Robin Williams’ tragic decline into depression and eventually suicide. Robin Williams, an emphatic and loved actor who was “larger than life”, but due to severe loneliness and isolation, he fell into a deep depression. Robin lived a great and happy life; however, a disease called Parkinson’s ravaged his entire life. Parkinson’s disease leads to restlessness and anxiety, and in Williams’s case it also led to hallucinations. Moreover, when Robin was diagnosed with this disease he did not share the information with the …show more content…

The Catcher in the Rye’s plot events and conflicts show the effects of isolationism on a person. Holden Caulfield is a young man who cannot escape the “demons” of his past, and his actions are not helping his already pessimistic mind-set on life itself. Moreover, whenever Holden needs comfort, he always calls the wrong people. These people show Holden how “nasty” the world has come to, and Holden’s thoughts eventually come across “self-harm”. Next, Holden can act very observant and peculiar at times. Therefore, many instances occur when Holden “becomes” depressed after seeing something that displeases him. Lastly, Holden’s resolve to act as the “The Catcher in the Rye” does not help either because it ends it dissapointment. He realizes that he cannot preserve a child’s innocence that just depresses him even more. Holden’s job as the the “Catcher” was a way to escape the loneliness, but it eventually comes crashing down on top of him. Just like Robin Williams, Holden’s depression grows because he is isolated from his loved ones. Depression is a serious condition but if you communicate and surround yourself with people with loving people it can never take control of your

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