Lonely People In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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Of Mice And Man

Have you ever notice how lonely people are in the world. For example, rich people with so much money they have no one to share it with. Also such the people in our story such as Curley’s wife, Candy, and Crooks.The the best thing you should always remember is that you worst day is someone best day.
First, Curley’s wife is lonely because she could actually be something if she did not marry Curley. “I could’ve been in the movies I could’ve been a star”(88-89) she said this regretfully. While talking to Lennie she told him that she did not really like Curley she only married him to prove something to her mother. Curley’s wife is always so lonely because Curley is never around. Most people on the ranch think that she is tart, but I think she is just looking for someone to have a good conversation with and wants A friend because she is the woman on the ranch.
Next, Candy is a very lonely person such as the people in the nursing home with no family. Candy is lonely because Carlson shot his dog, Candy and his dog were very Close there relationship was very similar to George and Lennie’s.Candy began to get hope for himself when he heard George …show more content…

Crooks he is lonely because he is the only black person at the job. “Many people don’t come in the niggers ranch very much”(70) he told Lennie “Growing up I always been the only black family,or black man in a place.”(70) In the book it’s proven that Crooks is lonely because when Lennie came into to his ranch he began to mess with him and act like someone hurt George and he was not coming back he did this because he usually does not get to have fun He stop before Lennie hurts him he does this because he usually never gets to have any fun with anyone because no one is ever around. Crooks has it really hard the boss takes his anger out on Crooks. He is not allowed in the ranch there really one thing he can do if he gets lucky and that is play horseshoes outside the

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