Society In Lord Of The Flies Essay

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In William Golding's, Lord of the Flies, a group of power hungry boys struggle to hold together their own society while maintaining their own ideas and values, that will soon be stripped away. As the boys began to plunge deeper into the isolation of the lone island, the boys soon realize this is no longer a waltz. Soon leadership, ideals, morals, and their own sense of right and wrong will be put to the most extreme test. Who will they be when the density of the petrifying environment gets to them, will they snap? What will be prevailed in a place where we are left to our own devices?
From the start, the conch is a crucial symbol that embodies leadership amidst the adolescent boys from the day they crash land on the island. As soon as they …show more content…

The setting plays a big role in the overall theme of this novel. The boys experience all conditions on the island, these unruly conditions represent the unconstructed society the boys are developing, "Now you been and set the whole island on fire."(Golding page 45) This fire ultimately shows the final burning of any sanity that could be left, it is like the fire had burned up any of the sane part in left in Jack. After this Jack starts to fight for total dominance, the harsh elements that occur on the island cause the deuteriation of some type of aspect in a normal society. The first fire causes the disappearance of the first child. These harsh elements in the setting seem to one by one bleach out any remaining ethics.
The overall aspect of the novel The Lord of the Flies completes a transition through the time period where the boys began losing all ideals, values, and society. We slowly see them start to fall apart and as we analyze the characterization, the setting in which it takes places, and the different symbols that play a part in the fate the boys. While we will have watched a society become twisted and broken, we will never be able to decide whether there was happy ending or not because these broken boys will forever remain on page

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