Lord Of The Flies Quote Analysis

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Paloma Guerrero-Lopez
25 January 2023
Mr. Delgado

Lord of The Flies

Human nature can be described as humans' first instinct for how they view the world. Such ideas are significant because human characteristics can change very often due to society's surroundings. For instance, in the book Lord of The Flies when the kids first find each other after the plane crash, they are gathered together because of the conch, but this changes fast after Jack believes Ralph isn't a good leader because Ralphs belief is to have a more equal society whereas Jack is more of a powerful and fearful leader. Ralph believes in equality and working together to be able to survive. Ralph is very humble and was a very nice and innocent kid when he first …show more content…

The squeals were higher now, almost like the squealing of a piglet" (Golding 79). The reference explains the meaning of losing humanity and killing in a very savage way. A close reading of this quote shows that surviving alone with no guidance on an island can really affect a kid's human nature and point of view on humanity. Savagery in this story can be described when the boys kill the pig very violently for food. The kids have lost humanity and become vicious. They yell a chant, "kill the pig, cut her throat, spill her blood" which also shows they have lost humanity. This also shows an example of how the boys have lost humanity and begin to act wilder and focus only on killing. This happened because they were left alone with no guidance caused by the plane accident. Ultimately, it is crucial to remember surviving with no guidance can alter human …show more content…

In the author's words, "The mask was a thing on its own, behind which Jack hid, liberated from shame and self-consciousness. He was a hunter, a dancer, a leader of the choir; he was an actor" (Golding 90). The quote evidence defines how Jack was already a "leader figure" before he got to the island, and how he had more "experience" with being a leader. The point is important because if Jack felt like a leader before, he must have thought he would have been a better leader, and that made him believe making his own group was a good idea. The others did not all agree with him. Only a few went to join his group meaning they feel the same way. All in all, Jack believed he would have been a better leader from further experience, and that is why he made his own

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