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Sophia Klocke Ms. Stephenson English 9 Bell 5 6 February 2023 The Lord of the Flies Essay Everyone knows and loves the book Lord of the Flies but is there a defined reason why it's called Lord of the Flies? One day a plane crashes and only British boys aged 6-12 survive. they are left to survive on their own with no parental control. One thing that sticks out throughout the book is the beast, which all the children on the island are scared of. Later in the novel, the readers meet “the lord of the flies, " which is a rotting pig's head. The boys are greatly affected by the head by thinking it's alive. Even though this head is dead and deteriorating the boys learn numerous things from it. The novel is titled Lord of the Flies because it's …show more content…

“Maybe there is a beast… Maybe it’s only us. (Golding 80) ” the quote is on Simon's theory that the beast is real. this was proved true later in the novel before Simon's death. While the lord of the flies is talking to Simon it says that the group cannot kill the beast because the beast is inside them. This is a big moment in The Lord of the Flies because beforehand this thought was never mentioned throughout the book. Having the title Lord of the Flies makes the climax even better because while reading nobody knows what the title means and it makes the effect even better when all the dots are connected. the beast is a big symbol in the novel and when it comes clear that the beast isn't a physical being but is inside all of the boys it turns the perspective and what the boys do seem more in-depth and …show more content…

“‘quiet! All right. That's where we’ll look; if the beast isn't there we’ll go up the mountain and look; and light the fire’ (golding 103)”. the Lord of the Flies or the beast is controlling the island. they may not be physically ruling it but since the boys are so scared of it they're doing things to avoid it. the quote is a good example of this. if the “beast” isn't up there they'll light a fire, which would help them get saved and cook their food, but if the beast is up there then they won't be lighting the fire they need. the boys need food and shelter to survive but since they’re just little kids they are prioritizing something that scares them. Usually while naming a title after something like a proper noun, a main character or overall ruler is usually used so this is a good reason why the novel has its

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