Lord Of The Flies Themes

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1. The fall of man on the uninhabited, peaceful, and pure island represents how man is inevitably entropic and anthropocentric. Man is centered on humankind being the most important element of existence which is a threat to the surrounding nature. Jack and his team symbolize the arrogance of man and "mankind 's essential illness," which is the evil inside of us. Hence the creation of anarchy where the boys have the temptation to conquer everything. "Roger ran round the heap, prodding with his spear...The sow collapsed under them and they were heavy and fulfilled upon her(120)," the boys have conquered nature after killing the sow and represents the terror man is going to bring nature . However, there are also signs of nature cleansing the boys’ terror on the island. “The line of his cheek silvered and the turn …show more content…

“ At last the immediacy of the kill subsided. The boys drew back, and Jack stood up… giggled and flicked them while the boys laughed at his reeking palms (120).” The boys do not mourn and think about what they have just done to the sow, they “laugh and giggle” and Jacks flicks the meat on his hands at the other boys. Games in this novel slowly builds the theme of savagery because every kill the boys make it makes them become more of a savage. The boys start off playing at the lagoon, to hunting pigs, then using one of their own to act like a pig, and finally they end up hunting one of their own like a pig. The climax of the novel is when they start killing each other like Simon, then Piggy, and then the game of hunting Ralph. The hunting game lures people in even those who have a strong dedication towards civilization and order. “Piggy and Ralph, under the threat of the sky found themselves eager to take place in this demented but partly secure society (136),” Golding implies that every individual has an undeniable, innate drive toward savagery which explains Ralph and Piggy’s rush of excitement and bloodlust towards the

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