Lord Of The Flies Allusions

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In the early chapters of the the Lord of the flies, the island they are on resembles the Garden of
Eden from Genesis in the bible, with its scenery, food, and great weather. The boys are symbols linked to Adam and Eve even before they crash. Ralph's first act after the plane crash was to remove his clothes and bathe in the water, the nudity in bible show the innocence of Adam and
Eve. Golding starts his second this biblical allusion when he begins to introduce island life as full of fear, when that of the first reports of a creature the boys refer to a "snake-thing." This
"snake-thing" relates to the presence of Satan in the Garden of Eden, who disguised himself as a snake. But unlike Adam and Eve, the boys are mistaken about the creature, which is not a living …show more content…

The boys' failure to recognize this evil within themselves brings them quickly into a state of savagery and violence. They also continue to believe in this "snake-thing" as the "Beast" and also "Lord of the Flies" and " are referred to Satan. Their perception of it becomes more and more unclear, as they end up developing alternative ideas about the Beast. In the book of Genesis Satan also has been read as the evil within human nature, people usually think Satan is an external force. Without actual
Satan in the novel, Golding stresses the ways that this Eden a perfect place is already full of evil.
Because the boys, evil is already within them waiting to be

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