Giovanni And Lusanna Love And Marriage In Renaissance Florence

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In the story of Giovanni and Lusanna Love and Marriage in Renaissance Florence written and researched by Gene Brucker, Lusanna di Benneto a widow of the artisanal class, has taken her alleged husband Giovanni to court, due to their marriage’s circumstance. The story starts out with Lusanna being married to another man named Andrea Nucci who eventually grew interest in the wealthy young Giovanni who came from a noble social class. As time wore on they eventually fell in love with one another and enjoyed all of its pleasures for a couple of years. It was later claimed by Lusanna that Giovanni had promised to marry her in the event of her husband’s death. So once Lusanna’s husband had passed, she thought Giovanni would keep his promise. While in today’s time where divorce and second marriages are normal, it was something unheard of and unacceptable during the 14th century. Which is why Giovanni then refused to marry her in a public wedding for the sake of his social status. Giovanni knew that marrying someone below his social class would bring shame to himself and his family name. Especially if they were from the working class of Florence. The story of Giovanni and Lusanna has a lot more content then what the title portrays it to be. What I mean by that is that it is entirely based on the factual account of what happened …show more content…

In Giovanni’s and Lusanna’s case there are witnesses involved and as well as judge to justify justice for the case. Pretty much everything in the court case is to record everything that has happened during Lusanna’s and Giovanni’s relation and as well prior to them becoming partners. However, there seems to be biased towards Giovanni due to Lusanna’s past and as well because she is a woman. The church does play a bigger role in the past however, because this wasn’t any normal court it was an ecclesiastical court, also called court Christian or court

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