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For Justice and For Freedom of All MLK is one of the many well known to us, he is celebrated on MLK day, loved, respected, accomplished, committed to his cause, and is the man who made coed black woman and children, and white men and children exist today. In 1968 MLK was imprisoned in a Birmingham Jail and in his letter. He used many rhetorical devices to get his point across. He will defend his actions and criticize white citizen’s inactions in order to establish his legitimacy as a civil rights leader. One of the many rhetorical devices that MLK used is his choice of words. Which is diction and as well as Ethos. Ethos is ethics. Ethos is also the ability to establish credibility. MLK was more than qualified to speak of what he …show more content…

For example, King used metaphors, similes, first person and second person. King goes on and on using vast rhetorical devices. If read out loud and presented on the screen, as it was being read out. You would see for yourself. The many colors will be revealed of all the devices used. In his letter he writes, “An unjust law is no law at all”. He provided a simile.A law is to enforce justice the “right way”. If a law is unjust to begin with, it is not a law just like he had said. An example of first and second person is when he used,” I hope, Sirs, you can understand our legitimate and unavoidable impatience”. Another,” I come across your recent statement calling my present activities “unwise” and “untimely”. King derived all his points, and went further and further to justify his purpose with an outstanding amount of rhetorical devices, Martin Luther King Junior was a great man who once lived. His imagery was descriptive. His language was used well conceived. His purpose consistently thrived and his subject was well made. With the use of well developed rhetorical devices. MLK successful explained and supported his actions . In his letter he justly defends his strategies of nonviolent resistance to

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