Macbeth And Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely Analysis

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We all desire power depending on how much is up to the person and how they use it. "Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely". This statement is expressing the theme of Macbeth and what happen during the Holocaust. Macbeth and Hitler both received power at their own paste they did do damage with the power they contained and that failed them, but once they received total power the world fell right through their hands an corrupted due to their ego's
Macbeth learned about his future power from three witches. These witches told him that he would be king of Scotland, but Scotland already had a king, King Duncan was king of Scotland the king had trusted Macbeth to help him and stay with him. His "Power" was already held by someone else and to get that power he had to do something " Evil ".
However, he was not the only one to push himself to commit this " evil " thing. His wife Lady Macbeth also wanted the same power as her …show more content…

They may have not had all the power to themselves but they did get a say on who to rule the country's they lived in because of their husbands. Both Macduff's and Hitler's wife's died the same way which was suicide they were witness to their husbands crime and also share holders of the power so the power not only corrupted the people that held it but the people that shared it as well or the people around who witnessed it.
Power can destroy anyone who uses it the wrong way its like the saying " what goes around comes right back around ten times harder". Macbeth and Hitler killed and their wife's were just there to witnessed it but did not stand against the husbands. Maybe if they did they would have not received the punishment they got or maybe it wasn’t a punishment it might have just been Karma. Either way the little power the wives received corrupted and the absolute power that the husbands received were absolutely bond to corrupt no matter

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