Macbeth And Atticus Comparison Essay

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In many stories evil triumphs but never concurs. In the novel of to kill a mocking bird from Harper lee, evil is triumphed by ignorance and racism. How ever in the novel of Macbeth from William shake spear, evil is triumphed by greed, jealousy and ambition. Both have their own scenario and we will compare how both protagonists for both novel fight the evil that triumphs in their life’s. for the novel ‘Macbeth’ the protagonist is Macbeth and the protagonist for ‘To kill a mocking bird’ is Atticus both will be compared on how big of an impact was created by their decision and how they face evil. Macbeth and Atticus are both like left and right for the common good. Atticus does every thing in his power to deliver happiness to the most people he can and if someone was unjustified he would have justified them. lived in justice for all mankind he tries to do every thing in his power to make Maycomb a better and more just place for everyone to be in. on the other hand after Macbeth met the three witched he fond out he was about to become king and after finding out he was about to become king joy greed and ambition filled in him which changed him dramatically he didn’t care who dies in his path has long as his throne was secure he would do anything he didn’t care for the common good just for himself. After this …show more content…

Macbeth an ambitious and powerful man who strives for the throne and then there’s Atticus a common man who has the will to fight for justice under any circumstances. By reading these sentience’s you can sense a huge difference between the two one fights for the common good and the justice for all and the other strives for money and power which also is known as greed. Atticus looks at others sorrow and tries to get justice for them. The other strives for the throne and kills for

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