Essay On Corruption Of Power In Macbeth And Doctor Faustus

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From past to present, many leaders, politicians, scientists, or even common peoplehave experienced and tasted the absolute power. At the very beginning of this ownership, everything seemed usual and innocent. However; it has been observed that people who have absolute power fell into error thinking that corruption of power would never give rise to their end. The objective of this essay is to examine the reasons behind two literary protagonists of Shakespeare’s Macbeth and Christopher Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus’ downfall.The major characters of these two books and other real life cases show that how the notion of having absolute power ends up with catastrophe and destruction. Macbeth and Doctor Faustus illustrated different types of power: The first one is related to the political authority and the other one is connect to knowledge. The paper also highlights how these tragic downfalls stem from human weaknesses. We also examined how a common person could turn out to be a villain or how he …show more content…

Power can be abused or exploited in any human interaction that could take place among family, school or any other segment of society. The abuse of power can alsoinfiltrate into politics or bureaucracy. Corruption of power is somehowrelated to character formation with which one displays a frailty. It is believed that a strong-willed person cannot be overwhelmed by his own truth. People who have power are less prone to consider and appreciate others’ opinions. It has also been approved that powerful people are less calm, and focus on results instead of seeing small details. Besides, a powerful person sees himself/herself always right and assumes that they have the authority to change or break the rules. People in power gradually focus on their egocentric desires rather than taking others’ considerations into

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