Imperialism In Macbeth

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Most people question, “ How does the quest of power cause people to act? ”.
Over the years the question has been proved to cause people to act differently. Not just in history but in many movies, plays, books, and even in current events today. The quest of power drives people to do things out of their character. Some people may disagree but what they have to realize is that it doesn’t come out of the blue, it comes within time. Something or someone has had to influence them.
For example, in the, The tragedy of Macbeth, MacBeth and his wife were well respected. The three witches however led MacBeth into thinking that he was supposed to be king (Act I, Scene 3). This stirred up a lot of trouble and with this thought in mind MacBeth and Lady …show more content…

Some people consider that to be a good thing, but is it really? Who’s to say that it’s not the reason why half of the things are going on today? Imperializing other countries is not civilized at all. It was never our place to take over land that wasn’t ours and sell our goods there if we were never specifically told to. Maybe, if we would’ve came to them as a whole and asked them, it wouldn't of been so hostile. Imperializing other countries may be the reason for racism. Going in other places and acting like one race is superior to another (Age of democracy, kmorehart) is not looked at as good. They could’ve been set to their ways. Other countries didn’t ask us to come over and modernize their society. How does anyone know that the world would’ve been any different had they not imperialized other countries? The fact of the matter is that they don’t. People may argue that the world wouldn’t be as it is today if it weren’t for the United States imperializing other states. Yes, true we would’ve never gained Hawaii as a state or even had our goods in other countries, but the American culture and manufactured goods were forced upon them. Unity, tradition, and exchange of cultures should come naturally not be forced upon other

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