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Tragic Hero’s for Wrong Reasons “Foul is fair, and fair is foul” (Shakespeare 24) this was quoted, in fact was, from the witches in the beginning scene of the play tragedy of Macbeth. The witches say this in response to and foreshadow of the situations that bring upon murder. Tragic hero’s are heard about as well leaders and brought pride to one’s country. While others are the exact opposite when it comes to their personal pride. Certain traits that made Macbeth the way he was through his actions are hamartia, hubris, and peripatetic that brought the fatal ending of Macbeth as the ruler of Scotland. The story of the shortest Shakespearean tragedy happened to hit in Scotland in the middle ages. Macbeth is a cursed play upon theatre’s everywhere. The curse of the play is what causes off stage accidents on certain performers. A tragic hero flaw that leads him to his eventful death in the end comes from his lack of judgment. Macbeth made decisions that he couldn’t come back from or try to hide. For example, as …show more content…

The moment of truth becomes apparent in act 5 when Macduff has his army ready to go towards the king’s castle and the messenger cries to Macbeth “I looked toward Birnam, and soon, I thought, the wood began to move”(Shakespeare 227). The movement of the sticks that Macduff’s army was taking was the first sign of Macbeth’s peripatetic. Also later finding out that the wood of Birnam has made it to his castle, Macbeth has found out from the second apparition that Macduff was not in fact born of woman he was ripped out of woman. Macbeth at this point is certain of his fate, without believing it, he believed that all the fortunes was half-truths which turned out to be the complete truth. His fortune has abruptly turned for the worst on Macbeth. Thus, leading him to his ultimate misfortune of death by

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