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In the play Macbeth, Shakespeare crafts the witches to be evil and deceiving with a manipulative trait from the start. To the audience this emphasises the idea that they are powerful for the wrong reasons. At the beginning of play the witches enter through the stage direction “thunder and lightning” this symbolises that the witches characters are seen to be evil as the weather precedes them. This phrase creates a bitter tone that reflects onto the witches. This shows the audience that they can be despicable characters. We see the true power of the witches when “thunder” is similarly repeated in the extract provided. This emphasises the idea that the witches are evil and how the poor weather creates the tone of destructiveness. It tells the audience that wherever they go they generate trouble and create chaos. Shakespeare crafts the witches' power through their mysterious tone and the supernatural. The recurring theme of the supernatural is shown to the audience through the way …show more content…

This quote emphasises the idea that the witches know that Macbeth is a fair character who becomes a foul character later on, it explores the idea of how he changes and the witches knowing this shows they are able to predict the future and know that Macbeth will become dishonest. Furthermore, another example of the witches predicting the future is when they warn Macbeth about Macduff through the first apparition “Beware Macduff” by warning him that it plants the idea that Macbeth is under threat as Macduff is onto him. By the witches warning him it reveals that they know something will happen involving both Macbeth and Macduff, but it portrays the idea that the witches are tricking Macbeth into thinking there on his side as the warn him but in truth they know something more and this reveals the true power they

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