Macduff In Macbeth

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Act 1 can be construed as follows: Macbeth “disdains fortune” by ignoring the natural way of picking a king, and becomes king through a “bloody execution” of Duncan. Macduff, who was born from a Caesarian segment and who “ne’er shook hands nor bade farewell” beheads Macbeth and hangs his head high up in the public for everyone to see. As in all Shakespearean plays, paralleling amongst characters aids to enhance their differences. Therefore Macbeth, the fresh, heroic, harsh traitor/king has a hinder in Duncan, the ancient, honored, compliant, and unquestioning king. Lady Macbeth, who projects off her feminineness and states to feel no uncertainties about murdering her own children, is gathered in Lady Macduff, who is a exemplary of a virtuous

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