Hamlet Analytic Analysis

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Is Hamlet a madman or a revenge-seeking genius? This essay is divided into three analytic sections beginning with Hamlet’s madness, and a possibility of why it occurred. Then, an analysis of Hamlet procrastination avenging his father¹s death. Then, Hamlet¹s incestuous acts with his mother are explained, in William Shakespeare’s Hamlet. In act one, Hamlet comes off as if he is perfectly sane throughout all five of the scenes. In the second scene, Hamlet starts to have a change in character. Ophelia and her father Polonius meet to discuss the last meeting she had with Hamlet. Ophelia tells Polonius that Hamlet arrived with a broken state of mind.(A2 S2 line 94). Polonius instantly believes that Hamlet is Mad for love (A2 S2 line 95). Ophelia answers a question asked by her father, she says she told Hamlet that she couldn 't see him anymore. Polonius refers to Hamlet¹s madness again by claiming that what his daughter has done, has made Hamlet mad.(A2 S2 line 123).
The theory about if Hamlet is going insane over his love with Ophelia is questioned often, but a more confusing situation is Hamlet’s struggle with his own mind. Hamlet’s struggle is shown to the audience in act three scene one. This is the scene that Hamlet recites the famous quote in a speech“To be or not to be”(A3 S1 line 64). This is where the audience realizes that …show more content…

Hamlet at first seems to have gone mad over how he isn 't allowed to see or talk to Ophelia anymore. Then afterward, it seems he is shocked over the topic of his father¹s death and begins to have the inner conflict with himself about committing suicide. Hamlet is then on his mission to avenge his father and tortures Claudius in a systematic manner that is genius. Finally, Hamlet is obsessed with a love for his own mother that takes him back to the state of insanity. In conclusion, Hamlet’s mental state is split into two different entities, sane and

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