Major Jackson's Poem 'Might Pawns'

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Major Jackson is an American black poet. His poem “Might Pawns,” could be easily inferred to be about him, or about someone dear to him. Major Jackson’s poem, “Might Pawns,” uses a significant tone and unique symbolism to present that person issues does not affect ones intelligence, as one perceptive should be judged not where they came from, but how their mind speaks.
The poem is one stanza, thirty-two lines, and only uses one period throughout the entire story. This causes the speaker to eventually start reading at a fast tone, which eventually shows the urgency the author is trying to portray. As the reader reads faster and faster, one can sense the author’s frustration. While the speaker reads the poem aloud, one can sense the violence and anger the author would like to portray about the issue and how it affects them. The tone of the poem also helps to set the emotional appeal that occurs, and as the speaker reads the poem and the frustration occurs to them while reading, they can relate the Earl’s frustration. …show more content…

The author uses chess as a symbol of how Earl wishes his life actually were. “As you imagine the checkered squares of his poverty and anger,” (Roll Deep, “Might Pawns). Earl has a vast interest and knowledge in chess, where he has the power to outsmart an opponent and play with his own mindset and goals. This is due to the fact that each player is treated equally in chess and personal factors will not affect the outcome of the game. While playing his chess games, Earl does not feel as if he is being discriminated, and if he feels as if he is, he takes his revenge during the game. This can easily be represented as symbolism, as it shows, in a unique way, how Earl would rather live his life. Instead of taking in the insults thrown at him, he would rather show that he is superior and the colour of his skin does not affect the person he

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