Man Vs. Nature In Tangerine By Greg Peterson

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In Greg Peterson’s, view, a renowned environmentalist "Our downfall as a species is that we are arrogant enough to think that we can control Mother Nature and stupid enough to think it is our job.” But we as humans ignore that fact, we ignored it for centuries and we still do. In Tangerine, we see that that idea is perfectly woven into the story. In Tangerine, most people are not affluent and the land there had gone through many stages of development that worsens the rift between man and nature but yet they have an uneasy balance with nature.One that may not last. While in one end of Tangerine.In lake Windsor Downs and other communities created on an absence of regulation in the area in the Tangerine county, are in a fight with nature, a …show more content…

In this manner, it is also important to consider that man also likes to fight nature. This is depicted by the author when Coach Warners says “Personality, I’d prefer another solution”(Bloor 60). This further exemplifies man’s arrogance, however, more importantly, it shows man does not like to back down against nature.That is because it displays man's conflict with nature and his arrogance to back down, which all lead his efforts becoming fruitless.Henceforth man even given choices to not fight nature believes he must for the sake of his …show more content…

For instance “...vow to bring this ‘muck fire situation’ to the attention of the Homeowners Association.” This represents the way of thinking of Paul's mother, Ms. Fisher is going to bring to this community.One where man can repress and if need be destroy nature. This also further exemplifies the naked truth that man believes that he can take on nature and triumph. That is because it is in man's nature to believe that he is above all on this planet. But almost comically man nearly always fails. A perfect exemplar of this is “To make a long story short, the muck fire is still burning, and now we have swarms of mosquitoes breeding in the swamp we created out there”. This shows that though the Homeowners Association goal was to stop the muck fire they, in the end, created a bigger problem for them to handle.This because they now have to also deal with the mosquitoes. Not to mention but we can see that the mosquitos are almost like nature come back to the Homeowners Association plan to subdue it. Therefore man, even given the choice to not fight almost hereditarily decides to fight but his struggles more often than not are in

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