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I have, for the longest time, had a passion for storytelling and have always dreamed of sharing my stories with the world. One way to do this would be by starting my own entertainment company, where I could make my imagination come to life on the big screen. One company that has done just that is the multimillion-dollar Korean company Management Soop. It houses veteran actors and produces captivating and critically acclaimed content that resonates with audiences worldwide. The company is able to tell its country's history unbiasedly, share captivating stories from a vast pool of creative writers, and also shed light on untold stories. Management Soop is the ideal model of a company I would like to be a CEO of. Creating a mission statement would help a company establish its purpose and guide its strategic decisions for a sustainable growth. The purpose, basic beliefs, and fundamental goals of an organization are expressed in the mission …show more content…

Vision statement: To create a diverse and transformative presence within the entertainment industry. In conclusion, Management Soop is truly an inspiration in the entertainment industry. It is an embodiment of the power of storytelling that comes with creative freedom. It is an example of a company I would like to be the CEO of. I aspire to emulate them and establish a mission and vision statement that would shape the strategic decisions. Reference Sears, D. (April 19, 2023). Mission vs. Vision Statements: A Guide with Examples. Blue Host. Retrieved from:

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