The Role Of Marriage In Thornton Wilder's Our Town

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What would you do if your father came to you and said you were getting married tomorrow? Thornton Wilder proved a perfect example of how marriage was in the 1900’s in his play, “Our Town.” He portrays it as a business deal to benefit the families rather than an act of love. Now, however, women’s independence is a common occurrence rather than being frowned upon. They can marry as they wish but also have the freedom to make it on their own. Ultimately, marriage and women have made a dramatic change over the last 100 years. Marriage 100 years ago was not the loving ceremony bonding two people as it is today. It was dictated more by economic and political standpoints. Marriage was more of a forced affair rather than optional for young men and …show more content…

Women in the early 1900’s didn’t have very much economic freedom. They were restricted on almost everything they did. They weren’t allowed in the workplace like their partners were so for women to make it, they had to be married. Now, however, women have economic equality with their partners. This can lead to a variety of failed marriages with both partners trying to reach success. Giving women this privilege provides new opportunities for success but also new opportunities for failure in a marriage. Each party tends to focus more on triumph rather than each other which results in divorce. Women equality can also have an effect on the children they have. One hundred years ago, women were to stay at home and care for the children. Since women now have a role like only the men used to, they invest time in their jobs just as much as the mean do. In turn, children can feel neglected from lack of attention from their parents because of the energy they put towards their money and economic goals. The assets that people thought would make marriage more fulfilling has actually made it more fragile. The partners in these relationships want the best of both worlds. These couples expect so much more from their partners but at the same time aspire to be successful. There is not enough time for both which in turn, leads to yet another failed

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