Martin Luther King Check Metaphor Examples

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Tomas Delgado Mrs. Sheikhli HSJA English 9 2,6,2018 Quarter Two Cornerstone Assessment Task - Task 3 Martin Luther King, Jr. made the strongest argument to promote racial equality in comparison to President Barack Obama, President George W. Bush, Sojourner Truth, and President Bill Clinton. Dr. King’s argument is strengthened by his superior use of rhetorical devices such as metaphors, anaphora, and logos. Dr. King possessed an uncanny ability to captivate his audience through creative metaphors. One of the most powerful metaphors that he utilized was his “check” metaphor (Lines 13-34). His “check” metaphor is an accurate representation of the false promises made to the American people. The check in his metaphor is the promise of inalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness made by the Constitution. The American people turned in this “check” and had it returned marked “insufficient funds.” This represents the equality denied to black individuals by the US. This metaphor was empowered to even greater heights by Dr. King making it relatable to his audience. Dr. King understood that the best way to have his audience sympathize with his purpose was to make them relate to his argument. His check metaphor is a perfect example of this (13-34). Checks are commonly used by the vast majority of the population as a means of transferring funds. The individuals that he is speaking have faced the uneasy situation of going to a bank to cash a check and have it be

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