Martin Luther King Letter From Birmingham Jail Essay

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While imprisoned in Jail Dr. Martin Luther King wrote a letter which is known today as the “Letter from Birmingham Jail” in which he responds to a public statement of “concern and caution” issued by religious leaders. Which therefore prompts Dr. Martin Luther King to write a letter that defends nonviolent resistance to racism. In a tangible way that was different because in this era of mid 1900’s racism was enforced with action and spoken word, so therefore this was a more peaceful way others who were or against racism could see Dr. Martin Luther King’s point of view which he enforces in his letter by saying. How people were promised a change by the local merchants but it never happened. Which was one of the many things that helped to kick-start protest? Another way that Dr. King defends nonviolent resistance is by saying in his letter that the lack of fairness or justice among the black community was not equal to the white community. Which was a major reason that Dr.King left Atlanta, Georgia and went to Birmingham which lead to protest. Last but not least Dr. Martin Luther King wanted to defend nonviolent resistance because it was a way to change people 's mind without anger or any sign of aggression.
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Martin Luther King wanted to defend Non Violent resistance because it was a way to change people 's mind without anger or any sign of aggression. He does this in a way by talking about pathos by writing about “as you seek to explain to your six-year-old daughter why she can’t go the public amusement park”...”Funtown is closed to colored children”(pg 3). Then goes on to list numerous racist things that involve emotional appeals that are negative. Which are all reasons why people were coming together in the city of Birmingham which was still the most racially diverse city at this time? To protest what they knew was right, and in his letter, he talks about how the government is corrupt and etc. Even if everyone did not agree with him like the

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