Letter From Birmingham Jail And Antigone Analysis

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The theme of Martin Luther King’s Letter from a Birmingham Jail and the play Antigone, both references an unjust in the writings a higher law is mentioned. That there is an injustice in both something that defies the higher laws, laws that are not implicated by men. There is a basis for Martin Luther King’s moral principle, it is due to his Catholic religion and reading of the bible. For the play Antigone has mentioned these Higher laws a multitude of times, the higher laws largely impact the actions that the characters take on the play.

The higher laws, what the higher laws are, are laws that are not set by humans or any man at any point in time. They are set in place by some higher being that has much greater thought than our own and has a greater knowledge than what we cannot fathom. In this sense, the higher laws surpass that of man 's law. The exact definition of the higher laws is a moral or religious principle, that is believed to overrule secular constitutions and laws. This gives an understanding as to what they mean, but, what are the higher laws exactly, are they written like a list such as ‘don’t do this’ or are they just laws that every human being is to follow without having an exact list of rules to follow. As far as it has been discovered the higher laws are universal unwritten laws of fairness, morality, and justice.

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At the beginning of the letter, it was written that he was there to be on call to engage in a nonviolent direct action program if it were deemed to be necessary. He later goes on to state that if a single injustice can lead to a multitude of more if not fixed or at least addressed. Martin Luther King will many times reference the Bible with what he is trying to accomplish and to get his message across. He compares what he is doing to that of the great prophets like Paul, with what he is doing he is not wrong to do

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