Mary Bethune's Accomplishments

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Going above and beyond her call to duty, Mary has protected black Floridians and people all over the world by giving them an education. Without an education, you can 't succeed in life. Bethune was born the fifteenth child born of a family of slaves in July 10, 1875 in Mayesville, South Carolina and died in Daytona Beach ,Florida of a heart attack on May 18 ,1955. During her eighty years, she accomplished a number of things. Although best known for establishing the Daytona Education and Industrial School which later became the Bethune-Cookman College in 1904 in Daytona, Florida, Mary was a woman of many accomplishments who widely helped in giving blacks an education. She was an African- American civil rights leader who founded the National Council of Negro Women. She was a government official who had significant influence in Franklin D. Roosevelt’S New Deal Government.She was an educator who taught at Haines Institute in Augusta, Georgia in 1898 and later at the …show more content…

Mary opened up her own hospital for African-American in 1911 when one of her students got sick but the doctors rejected her because she was black. It’s called McLeod Hospital and all patients are treated equally. Mary received many honors and awards during her lifetime like the Haitian Medal of Honor and Merit, the highest award of the Haitian government in 1949. People recognized her dedication and compassion. In the 1930s, she became one of his advisers. Mary was put in charge of black affairs within the National Youth Administration. Mary and her friend, Mrs. Roosevelt, led a National Youth Association Conference. Mary wrote in her Last Will and Testament leave you love, hope, the challenge of developing confidence in one another, a thirst for education, respect for the use of power, faith in God, racial dignity, a desire to live harmoniously with others, and a responsibility for our

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