Mass Incarceration Minority Communities

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Mass Incarceration and Minority Communities
Mass incarceration within the United State of America is a controversial topic in politics today because of the negative effects it has on minority communities. “The United States leads the world in the percentage of its population that serves time in prison or jail.1,2 As of 2012, nearly 7 million men and women are on probation, parole, or under some other form of community supervision, which means that nearly 3% of the American adult population is currently involved in correctional supervision,” (Hatzenbuehler, Keyes, Hamilton, and Uddin, 2015). How does it affect the minority communities? According to the NAACP’s website “African American and Hispanics comprised 58% of all prisoners in 2008,
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However, if one is brought up in an environment where education is not valued then there has to be other options one has to explore in order to achieve income and more than likely without an education, the income achieved will not be enough to support an entire family. This in most cases happens to be the difference between minorities who thrive and those who do not. This is not to say that there are not some minorities out there who are successful even without extended education. Considering that a business license does not require higher education, there are some family businesses and trade skills that have been taught to generations after generations that have kept some families successful whether they decided to pursue higher education or…show more content…
There should be a way of ruling with compassion where even those with authority should show a sincere desire to help because it lessens the amount of hostility when correcting one’s behavior. Also, there should be programs that will help convicts to function better in society upon release so that they do not go back to the same mischief. Mass Incarceration serves to be problematic within the United States of America, but there can be solutions and hopefully one day there will be a public official will come along and implement these

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