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Meghan Daum of The Los Angeles times is a columnist who is capable of seeing a situation from multiple perspectives. Daum’s main topics are a mix of culture with politics and media and social issues. To keep her audience entertained Daum adds humor on even the most serious topics such as death. Her style is seen as informative but is also humorous and entertaining.
To get her readers to better understand the topics, Daum mostly begins her column with short stories that are personal or relates her topic to something that happened recently that readers know about. She also uses her personal experience as evidence. The story then addresses something larger and deeper than we would have thought. In her column, “I Nearly Died. So What?”, Daum began …show more content…

Most of her articles inspire feminists to look beyond their individual problems and do more for the world. As if she expects more from feminists. In her article, “Time for young feminists to look beyond the mattress and campus rape”, she explains how Emma Sulkowicz, a college student carried around her mattress so her rape story can be heard and she can get justice. But, Daum says that that 's unnecessary and women should not be “inwards” but instead look at the bigger picture. She wants them to use the same passion and anger they have to college administrators and instead use it to change stuff beyond their own personal issues. Daum does this again in her column,”How grievance culture undercuts the fight against rape culture”, Daum explains how rape culture is both a serious and terrifying case but, at the same time it is just a cry for attention. She explains that “The woman who gets drunk at a party and has sex she neither exactly consented to nor exactly resisted is just as much a victim as the clearly brutalized woman.” This is giving to many advantages to women. but like the column,” Time for young feminists to look beyond the mattress and campus rape” Daum says, “ it 's wrong to it 's wrong to "privilege" one kind of trauma over another”. Someone else is having it far worse than you but they are doing something productive with it and in the second column, someone is having a more worst rape then you are. Many of her articles are about problems women face in this society such as rape. This is the column’s that Daum tends to get serious in and explain how women tend to use trauma as an advantage and also how they can use their power to change

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