Mental Illness In Challenger Deep By Neal Shusterman

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Mental illness affects everyone, friends, family, teachers, and most of all the person with the illness. Neal Shusterman wrote this book to show the effects of mental illness on the sick and their family and friends. The first, and most obvious, reason that Shusterman wrote Challenger Deep is to share his sons experiences. In the book Shusterman “tr[ies] to capture what [the] descent was like” for his son, and show us how scarry, disorrenting, and sad Caden’s Journey was (Shusterman Author's Note); additionally, Shusterman also shows the reader Caden’s highs during his journey to remission. Neal Shusterman's own son had Schizophrenia, which put a lot of stress on him. Shusterman wrote this to empathise with other people that can only “watch

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