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The Story of the Murderous Doctor “More than 700,000 people die in hospitals each year in the U.S.” (Shmerling). Although it is doctors’ job to save lives, deaths still occur. When in a hospital, the patient’s life lies in the doctor’s hands. Most doctors do everything in their power to make sure that their patients stay alive, of course, there are exceptions for everything. In this case, the patient’s life who ends up in the hands of Michael Swango might not be so lucky. Known for being the oddball out, Swango’s weird tendencies aroused suspicions among his colleagues. Although the suspicions were shut down, perhaps his colleagues could see something in Swango that others could not.
Joseph Michael Swango Origin On October 21, 1954, Muriel and John Virgil Swango gave birth to their son, Joseph Michael Swango (“Michael Swango Biography”). Even though Swango was born in Tacoma, Washington in 1954, he grew up in Quincy, Illinois (Smith). The family eventually settled in Quincy after frequently relocating due to Swango’s father’s job (“Michael Swango Biography”). Swango was born in the middle of his two brothers (Williams). As a young kid, Swango seemed to be interested in death, mainly violent ones. He became obsessed with stories about the Holocaust and showed …show more content…

Due to this, she worried that their public school was not good enough for him, so he began attending Christian Brothers High School; meanwhile, Swango’s brothers continued to attend the public school. Although Swango attended a Christian school, his mother had Presbyterian roots. He became very involved in his school with extracurricular activities. Following his mother’s enjoyment of music, Swango joined the Quincy Notre Dame band where he played clarinet. He also went on tour with the Quincy College Wind Ensemble (Williams). Swango graduated valedictorian of his 1972 high school class (“Michael Swango

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