Minimum Wage Raising

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What will impact raising the minimum wage in Arkansas have on the state? One is that some owners have to find a way to pay their workers a higher pay every hour their workers work. Other things that can impact the state is that the more you make at your job, is the more taxes the government takes away from your check. That’s a problem for the people because they won’t get as much because the taxes the government is taking away from people 's checks.
The raising of the minimum wage can have an impact on any business because they cannot keep up with the rise of minimum wage and can 't afford to pay their employees and that could be bad because they can go out of business.
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Also, it might take time for employers of many low-skill workers to learn how to economize on their labor costs. They will over time since the incentives to do so are much larger and that would be bad news for the very low skill workers the higher minimum wage is designed to help. Whenever increasing the minimum wage is discussed, there is always a concern that doing so might hurt job growth or imperil businesses that employ low-wage workers business they have to pay their works more and that could be hard for some business or companies.
The effect of increasing the minimum wage on employment is probably the most studied topic in labor economics because the government has to worry about inflation and prices going up and also the consensus of the literature is that moderate increases in the minimum wage have little to no effect on employment.
The Good Thing that comes from raising the minimum wage is that it will give people more money for their families. Also raising the minimum wage a few cents or even dollars shouldn 't have a big impact on the people that are working. What researchers have found about raising the minimum wage is that it should not do any harm but a good thing for the people that are working for minimum wage. The only Problem that researchers have found is if the minimum wage comes to be 15 dollars an hour. That could have a bad impact on the people of Arkansas because that is a lot of money that people are getting and a lot of money companies have to pay for the

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