Minny Jackson In Elie Wiesel's The Help

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In this novel, the character Minny Jackson comes across many obstacles. As the novel, goes on she eventually begins to find herself more, and gets the courage to finally free herself from the power of her husband, Leroy, as well as Miss Hilly. When you find you find confidence and strength, you can get out of a bad situation. Minny Jackson was a strong lady, who everyone would look up to because no matter what was going on at her household or in her life she would never let that affect her interaction with anyone. Although, Minny had a sassy mouth and sassed everyone. At the the beginning of the book, Minny works for Miss Walters, who is Miss Hilly’s mother. Miss Hilly was sending her mother to the old lady home. As Minny finds out she …show more content…

Minny and Aibileen helps Miss Skeeter write a book called “The Help” and the people they work for, in an attempt to open people’s eyes as well as trying to change things for the blacks in the community and how they would get treated. The book is what helps Minny break away from Hilly Holbrook and Leroy. Some incidents occurred within the book that helped Minny free herself from Hilly. One was just by speaking and telling Miss Skeeter everything that went on while she worked for Miss Hilly, however what really secured everything including the book is her including how Miss Hilly ate the chocolate pie with human waste in it. When Miss Hilly read this book she attempted to come after Minny by getting Aibileen fired. Because of Minny including the chocolate pie and how Miss Hilly ate two slices of it, she not only freed herself but others as well. One day Minny calls Aibileen and tell her that Leroy was fired and when he asked why,. the boss say Mister William Holbrook told him to do it, and that Holbrook told him it’s Leroy nigger the reason, and Leroy tried to come home and kill her. This is the time Minny breaks down and states that she can no longer take this and starts to cry. Aibileen then tells her, “It’s time, Minny. Do you hear me? You are

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