Power Struggle In Kathryn Stockett's The Help

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Power can be defined as the possession of control over others. Throughout history, there has been a constant struggle over power. The matter of who should dominate over others and who should not have sparked many debates in America. Kathryn Stockett illustrated in her novel, The Help, the power struggle in 1962 Jackson, Mississippi. The fictional novel follows a maid named Aibileen as she tells her story in an attempt to fight for the hope of change in her community. She battles to free herself from the power that white Americans hold over her and her community during this time. With the help of a few fellow maids and Miss Skeeter, the white women who sparked the question of change, Aibileen hopes to change people’s opinions about how they perceive blacks …show more content…

Kathryn Stockett’s novel, The Help, is not just about overcoming racism, but also about overcoming the constant human power struggle. The novel also showed how people treated each others, regardless if they were the same race. Throughout the book, Skeeter is ignored and cut-off by her friends while Minny is abused by her own husband. These two events happened even though each was the same race. Even the woman Minny worked for was being ignored because of who she married. The problem is more than race, it is about how humans treat other humans and how little respect we give to those we deem lower than us. The author used the characters to show that the desire to be superior among others goes further than race. She also used a real tragedy, the murder of the NAACP Field Secretary, which allows readers to connect the novel to real life and making the novel more compelling. These key issues make the readers think deeper, allows the novel to surpass others like it, and connect to many human interactions even in today’s

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