Skeeter And Minny's Greed

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The way society makes people feel about themselves will never make oneself happy. It all begins with accepting oneself even if it means accepting the bad. Minny is a cold hearted person on the outside, but a loving person inside. She pretends to be an ordinary black woman who raises white children, cooks, and feeds her family. Minny has one best friend which is Aibileen two different souls that completely understand each other. Behind all the walls Minny is living in deep fear with speaking the truth about all the covered lies especially to a white female named Miss. Skeeter. The way Minny portrays herself can be very terrifying in a sense that nobody understands whether or not she is simply afraid just like any other black woman would be. …show more content…

It took a long time for Minny to speak freely, but she managed to trust an individual the way she trusted herself. Kathryn Stockett wrote this book to show that “Change begins with a whisper.”. It takes courage, audacity, and so much more to allow oneself to be set free from all the troubles. The faith both Aibileen and Minny had in Skeeter was incredibly devoting. Without these characters the help would have never gathered in agreement to share their testimonies with Skeeter. Society would have never known that raising a white child, and being a maid for a white lady would be as harsh as this. The life those black woman live was no justice each day they feared getting fired, abused, or bullied. It sounds ridiculed the way black woman had no opportunity in having a real job when they worked just as hard. Consequently, it took one innocent black lady to get arrested in order to get all of the help together once in for all. The more they spoke the more clear the message got they became owned listening to any order their boss gave them. Owned in a sense that they were not free, owned in a bashful way. The day Skeeter published “The Help” was the day all the of the black women’s lifestyle changed. The Help felt apart of the community for the first time, and it was all because the truth finally came

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