Morality In Vonnegut's The Brothers Karamazov

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An example of him using the topic of morality was when Billy makes an allusion to the novel titled The Brothers Karamazov. This allusion helps build the example of social criticism being included in the book because the book itself is a book that dives into the ethical debates of God, free will, and morality. Morality refers to the principles concerning the distinction between right and wrong or good and bad behavior. Billy Pilgrim was at the psychiatric hospital for veterans and he was introduced to this book by an man named Rosewater. Rosewater was in the hospital because he had killed a young doctor thinking that he was an enemy. The allusion to the book includes the ethical debates about God, God symbolizes everything that is good and pure in the world to a certain population of people. When Vonnegut precisely choses this book to allude to in the story, and it includes the topic of whether humanity should follow everything that God wants, it ties to what society should accept as right and wrong. What is morally correct and what is morally incorrect. A third example of Vonnegut using…show more content…
Tralfamadorians do not believe in free will, they stated that humanity is the only race of people that believe in free will. Morality plays a big role in whether people think free will is real or not. They have to decide whether it is correct to think that someone can control the path of their lives or if they have a predetermined path to follow. They also had war, war is something that is looked down upon due to the innocent lives that are lost and the twisted future full of issues that is created for the veterans. War can also be argued to be a good thing since the people that sign up for the war want to help keeps their nation safe, and the soldiers can be considered heroes. Morality is a huge topic that is criticized by society in everyday
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