Mothers And Teenagers Summary

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The life of a teenager is not always as easy as it seems, especially when your parents are at your bag all the time, worrying if you are verbally abusing, disrespectful, unprotected, taking bad decisions or depressed. Rachel Cusk who is an author of novels and books of non-fiction wrote the article Mothers and teenagers: a modern tragedy in The Times on April 5, 2015. In the article, she discusses the relationship between parents and teenagers in her point of view. She got two daughters and she is very aware of how "hard" the teenage life is and the transformation from child to adult. But are teenagers really such a nightmare, as other parents think? Rachel starts the article by discussing with her oldest daughter, about her insomnia. She tells her that she shouldn 't look at her laptop and read a book instead - her daughter rolls her eyes instead and says that she has read a lot of books. This is the first place in the story who shows us the conflict, that Rachel means are between mothers and daughters. The style of argumentation is very closed and both mother and daughter are not very open to other suggestions and kind of stubborn. Later in the text, Rachel tells the reader about other mothers and their bad relationship between mother and daughter. In the start, the reader really gets the imagine that she really struggles because of the teenagers, also because of her title choice "a modern tragedy", which indicates the problem among two sides and that the author wants to

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