Motorcycle Vs Motorcycle

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Many of us become so involved in our daily lives and scheduled tasks that we often fail to take time to notice the world around us. If we were to slow down and take a longer look at our surroundings, we might notice that the world is filled with people, places, things and ideas. Many of these things share commonalities; yet, they are all differentiated by traits that make them unique and individual.

For example, consider common forms of transportation such as a car and a motorcycle. Each is a very useful form of transportation, has a motor, and is often used as a way to express the owner’s personality. However, it is their differences that set them apart from one another. A motorcycle can only transport one to two people at a time, while a
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The biggest difference between a car and motorcycle is probably the fact that when sitting inside of a car, passengers are encased in a cage of metal or steel, providing a sense of safety and protection from the elements. Those who chose to ride on a motorcycle can enjoy the wind in his/her hair and an unobstructed view of the world. However, the spectacular view comes with a price; the rider is left without any protection from the cold, heat, wind, rain, or the terrain below them.

Just as one can find common similarities and differences between objects found in our environment, one can also find distinctive characteristics of the places we visit. Last year I moved from a small rural farming and ranching town in central Texas to the state capital. At first glance, one would undoubtedly notice the vast differences between the two places. The small rural town is quiet and quaint. Homes sit on large lots or parcels of land that include many acres of farm land or animals. The town contains only 2 traffic lights and very few options for shopping and
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Theories including the theory of evolution or creation are easily comparable as well. There is an ongoing debate between the theory of evolution and the theory of creation. Both are theories on how humankind and today’s world came to be. Creationism or intelligent design is the theory that the universe was created by a supernatural being or God because it was in God’s power to do so. This theory is popular among Christians, Protestants and Evangelicals. The theory is based on the book of Genesis in the Bible in which God created the heavens and the earth and all things in between. God specifically intervened to create the life forms on earth, each with its own characteristics and traits over a period of 6 days. Evolution is the theory that living organisms on Earth evolved from one universal common ancestor or organism. This evolution occurred over thousands of years. The theory is based on a belief that species become modified and diverges to produce multiple descendant species. Although the differences in these two theories are clear, they are both simply stories that humans rely on to explain the creation or reasoning for the earth’s existence as well as its inhabitants. Neither theory can be either proven or disproved without error. Just as no one can prove that God created the universe, no one can show scientific proof that every living species today is a descendant of a prior species, linking every
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