Mr Ewell Lie In To Kill A Mockingbird

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I have been reading To Kill a Mockingbird and in chapters sixteen through twenty-three there have been a lot of crucial parts to the novel, which I will be analyzing. To begin, the trial begins and we find out the verdict of the trail. In this journal I will be characterizing Tom Robinson, who Atticus is defending, and be analyzing why Mr. Ewell would lie.

In this paragraph I will be characterizing Tom Robinson while he is in the trial. First off, what I have taken away from what I have read, Tom Robinson is an extraordinarily polite fellow. Tom addresses everyone in the courtroom with a Mr. or Mrs. Tom states, “Yes suh, a little, not enough to hurt.” (Lee 254). This is one of the many examples of how Tom addresses men and women. From this …show more content…

Ewell would lie about the occurrence between Mayella and Tom. One of the first reasons Mr. Ewell would lie is he is the one who hurt his daughter. In the novel Atticus was trying to prove to the jury that it is possible that Mr. Ewell beat up his daughter. Scout says to herself, “…Atticus was trying to show, it seemed to me, that Mr. Ewell could have beaten up Mayella.”(Lee 238). Atticus made it very easy for the court to see that it was a grand possibility that Mr. Ewell indeed beat up his own daughter for wanting to be with a black man. From the quote I can sense that Atticus is proving very well that Mr. Ewell beat his own daughter, however no one in the courtroom wants to believe this statement is true. There is also substantial evidence leading to the fact that Mr. Ewell aggressively attacked his own flesh and blood. Scout ponders about Mr. Ewell being left handed and thinks, “If her right eye was blacked and she was beaten mostly on the right side of the face, it would tend to show that a left handed person did it.”(Lee 238). As I interpret this quote I can see that more evidence is proving Mr. Ewell to be guilty of hitting his own daughter. Mr. Ewell is left handed and in the quote is says that Mayella was bruised on her right side, from this I can predict that Mr. Ewell abused his daughter and Tom Robinson is innocent. I can presume that Mr. Ewell abused his daughter because he said that he did not get her examined by a …show more content…

I believe I deserve a 9.5/10 because I really tried to analyze deeper and find a more interesting view on the book. I do understand that there is room for improvement, which is why I believe a 10 is unapproachable at this

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