Mr. Miller Murder Essay

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Mr. Miller should be found guilty of second degree murder for murdering his wife, Mrs. Miller. There are many inconsistencies in his story as well as evidence supporting that he murdered his wife. Mr. Miller called the police at 6:02pm saying his wife screamed at 5:35pm and found her face down in the grass. If that is the case, then what did Mr. Miller do in the half hour before calling the police? When the police got there they heard him unlock the back door which would be unlocked from Mrs. Miller running out back. Mr. Miller stated that he mowed the backyard, then front yard, and finished raking the backyard at 5pm. The problem is that he said he set the rake down against the tree at 5pm, so he would have noticed his wife at 5pm but told …show more content…

Miller told the police when he noticed her she was face down, yet when the police found her she was face up with her back on the ground, and she was laying in unmowed grass. Mr. Miller said she was drunk, but she had no alcohol in her blood test. When talking to the neighbor, she stated she did not witness anything but she should have heard her scream like Mr. Miller stated she did. The examiner stated Mrs. Miller’s body had livor mortis, which takes about 2 hours to be visible by the human eye. This means she would of died between four and four-thirty. Most of Mrs. Millers injuries were to the backside of her body which, if she were faced down like Mr. Miller said then most of her injuries would have been on her front side. I believe the scratches on her calves were from their gravel driveway due to the limestone found in her scratches, which could of been from the rake causing scratches or dragging her down the driveway and placing her body in that position.I also believe Mr. Miller was scratched by Mrs. Miller during a struggle due to the human skin found under her nails, and bandaid on Mr. Miller's face, which a DNA test can prove. As far as Mr. Miller wearing the glove I believe that he used her hands to crush the beer cans, which would help explain the finger

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