Muckrakers In The Progressive Era

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In the Progressive Era, there were many problems that the American people faced. America was broken, unjust, and cruel during that era. The people became acocomuomed to the corruption, horrible living conditions,and terrible working and safety conditions. The vast number of problems; however, were solved by what we call-- muckrakers, who then with the help of others came to bring about a new laws.
One of the problems that the people faced was working in dangerous and unsanitary work conditions. In the early 20th century many meatpacking industry 's were unsanitary and dangerous. Upton Sinclair, a young socialist journalist and novelist, spent weeks investigating the topic in Chicago. Once Upton uncovered these appalling facts he soon later …show more content…

In New York City there was an organization called, Tammany Hall which used the political machine to its advantage and The Tweed Ring, which was led by William “Boss” Marcy Tweed. Tammany Hall became well known for charges of corruption. The organization enabled ward leaders to act as advocates for individuals when they had difficulties with the law. For example, a criminal judge appointed or kept in office by Tammany Hall would have to listen carefully to a local ward leader asking for a particular case, they would later receive assistance from Tammany Hall or baskets of food on holidays to show their gratitude at the polls. Thomas Nast, a German-born American cartoonist, exposed and helped to remove the Tweed Ring and Tammany Hall from power using his cartoons, imprisoning Boss Tweed and breaking up his …show more content…

Rockefeller, was a ruthless oil company that achieved its monopoly through aggressive and often illegal business practices. The company frequently purchased competitors, undercutted prices, and made shady deals with the railroads for their monopoly to succeed. Ida Tarbell, an American teacher. Author, and journalist, being personally affected by the Standard Oil Company was picked by her at the time job, McClure’s Magazine to investigate about the company. Her article, “History of Standard Oil Company, raised public awareness of Rockefeller’s ruthless monopoly. Later her efforts paid off, there was a trial for the company, Standard Oil v. U.S. in 1911. They declared the company a monopoly and broke it up.
In conclusion, the Progressive Era had many problems, from corruption to unsanitary working conditions. However, from the hard work and determination of these past muckrakers reforms were made to better the situations that the Americans faced. In the end everything

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